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F/V Out of Line

36' Wayne Beal Downeast

750 hp Cat Deisel

Roomy and Comfortable Cabin 

Full array of electronics and safety gear

High Gunwales for safe fishing

Out of  Line is a 36' x 14' Wayne Beal fiberglass hull finished by Stevie Johnson on Long Island of Portland, Maine in 2001.  This "downeast" hull design evolved on the Maine coast to fit the often choppy seas that characterize our rich waters.  Steep bow entry allows the boat to slice through waves, while the hull transitions to a nearly flat bottom at the stearn to provide side-to-side stability and "lift" that  allows the boat to plane up in the water and reach high speeds.

     Another defining feature of a downeast boat is the keel, a long fin that protrudes down from the hull along it's centerline.  This "fin" houses the prop shaft, and protects the shaft, propeller and rudder from any debris in the water.  It's a huge safety feature, additionally providng stabilty and improved tracking as the boat is pushed and pulled by currents and waves.  This all adds up to a very seaworthy and smooth riding and fast hull.

     Topside you will find a 13' X 13' cockpit to fish from,  (around 6 feet of rail space per person) and high gunwhales to lean against for a comfortable and safe experience.  In addition to our 0 degree gunwale rod holders we have 30 degree holders that allow you to wait for a bite without holding the rod, a nice feature to reduce arm fatigue.

     Inside the cabin is everyone's favorite feature, our red leather couch.  It gets rave reviews.  Forward of the cabin, the v-berth is fully cushioned with room for several nappers, and a separate bathroom with and its own window.

      The powerplant is a 2007 Caterpillar C-12 750 hp deisel providing a top speed of 34 knots, although we usually cruise at 15-18 knots depending on seas and how many fish need to be filleted.

     Overall she's a fishing machine with the best of both worlds.  Built for speed and built for comfort.

F/V Out of Line of Savage Charters
Capt Jamie Savage with Giant bluefin tuna and F/V Out of Line
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