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In the months of May and June we steam to the offshore banks and ledges to catch tasty haddock and other groundfishes.  This trip is fun for all with non-stop action and many fillets to take home.   All bait and tackle is included as well as use of our high speed reels and light weight rods to feel the bites and reel fish to the boat with ease

Haddock Charter

1 - 6 people

All equipment included

What to Expect...

     We steam an hour or so to the fishing grounds and break out the rods.  To target haddock we generally fish cut bait, but for those who wish to jig there are usually plenty of cod around, though they must be released under current regulations.  Depending on conditions we either anchor or drift to get the bite.  Some days we move spot to spot and others we just stay put but we always catch lots of fish and often catch our limit of haddock, this year that's 13 fish per person.  In addition to haddock we may catch cod, pollack, redfish, cusk or even halibut.

      The trick to catching haddock is keeping your weight on the bottom and feeling for the light taps as they chew the bait, and setting the hook.  We say "no bite, no bait" as these fish often steal your bait before you hook one.  Keep fresh bait on the hook to get the most bites.  Haddock have soft mouth so it's important to reel the fish up slow and steady to avoid pulling the hook. 

     Part of the fun of groundfishing is you get to really "fish".  We cut the bait and help with any tangles or anything else you need but even a novice will become a true fisherman by the end of the day as you learn to tend bottom, feel the bite, set the hook and reel em in.   The other fun part is you never know what might bite your hook.

     By early afternoon it's time wrap it up and head for the dock while your catch is filleted and bagged.     

...What to Bring 

Always bring clothes for warm and cold weather and waterproof footwear is also a good idea.  Hats, sunscreen, and sunglasses are also neccesities plus lots of food and drink.  You will work up a healthy appetite plying the depths all day.  Beer and wine are fine to bring, but hard liquor is not allowed

To save space, please do not bring a

cooler for your fish as we have large coolers and ice ready to store your catch.  Food and drink coolers are welcome 

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