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All-day Tuna Charter

Tuna Charter  $1500
                              *15-20% tip is customary
1 - 4 people
All equipment included

What to Expect...

Bluefin tuna is the ultimate challenge of rod and reel fishing the North Atlantic.  These fish are commercially valuable and equally tantalizing for sportfisherman seeking big fish with big attitude.  The result is tremendous fishing effort to catch these bluefin, and some very smart fish.  This challenge is what keeps us all putting it on the line to catch the ultimate prize.


     Tunaring is a waiting game where we sit on anchor with hook-baits hanging in the current behind the boat.  We'll watch birds, whales, the fish finder and  other boats for signs of tuna activity.  Once tuna are in the area it's time to tweak the algorithm changing depths, baits,  riggings and superstitions until we break the code and bend that rod!

     Successfully landing tuna is a team effort.  One person drives the boat while everyone else takes turns fighting the fish.  Fights can last for hours but when he pinwheels up in sight it's time to throw the harpoon and wrap the tail, then we got him!

     We don't land 'em every day but most times we get a fish or two on the line and have a good chance to slide one across the dock.  


***Tuna over 73" will be sold by the boat and you will earn a 15% discount on your next trip.

***Tuna under 73" will be cut for you to take home at the captain's discretion.  We have limited commercial days to sell fish and may not sell a big one if we keep a small one.

***Always bring clothes for warm and cold weather. 

***Waterproof footwear is recommended. 

***Hats, sunscreen, and sunglasses are neccessities plus lots of food and drink.    ***Alcoholic beverages are fine to bring but hard liquor is not allowed.


     To save space, please do not bring a cooler on board for your fish.  We have large coolers and ice ready to store your catch.  Food and drink coolers are welcome.

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