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All-day Tuna Charter

What to Expect...

Bluefin tuna is the ultimate challenge of rod and reel fishing the North Atlantic.  These fish are commercially valuable and equally tantalizing for sportfisherman seeking big fish with big attitude.  The result is tremendous fishing effort to catch these bluefin, and some very smart fish.

     Catching bluefin demands lots of preparation and many hours on the water.  On a tuna charter our first task is to locate and catch fresh baits.  We leave the dock before dawn to arrive at the fishing grounds at first light to catch our bait and get them back out on the tuna lines ready for action.  

     Tuna fishing is a waiting game as we sit on anchor with several baits hanging in the current behind the boat.  While we wait we catch more bait and watch the water and fish finder for signs of tuna activity.  Once we know tuna are under the boat it's time to hustle and try every trick in the book until the fish takes a bait and it's off to the races!

     Successfully landing tuna is a team effort.  One person drives the boat while everyone else takes turns fighting the fish.  The fight can last for hours but when the tuna tires it's time to throw the harpoon and put a tail rope on him, then we got him.

     We do not land tuna every day but most days we can get a fish or two on the line and have a good chance of bringing one back to the dock.  These fish are so strong and smart there's just no guarantees in tuna fishing, but in 2016 and 2017 we landed 24 giants each year in addition to many other juvenile fish under 73".  

      Always bring clothes for warm and cold weather and waterproof footwear is also a good idea.  Hats, sunscreen, and sunglasses are also neccesities plus lots of food and drink.  You will work up a healthy appetite in the sun and waves all day.  Alcoholic beverages are fine to bring but hard liquor is not allowed.  

     To save space, please do not bring a cooler for your fish as we have large coolers and ice ready to store your catch.  Food and drink coolers are welcome.

Tuna Charter

1 - 4 people

All equipment included

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